Cat‘s cradle

2017 / 18

An aura of mild austerity lined with amber hangs in the air once you step from the harshness of autumn/winter into the marbled entrance of Villa Felino – residence of Martyna and her pearly white puss, Harold. A self-confessed lover of the ankle strap, Martyna is known for her affection for thigh-skimming overknee boots and the way she so easily saunters in them – always, of course, accompanied by Harold. Blessed with skin as soft as a peach, a lust for sensual red suede and a mind so sharp it could cut glass, MAIgirl Martyna knows exactly what she wants. She keeps it neat and sleek – just like the patent leather shine of a stiletto, whilst also finding time in her busy schedule to put on crimson velvet sandals and exercise her porcelain pooch. This feral feline slips into her heels and dons only her blindfold to challenge her senses to a true awakening.