The Great Escape

A cheery jingle plays on repeat when Charlotte enters the lavish lobby of her vacation getaway. She is fun and witty, blessed with a high-pitched, heart-melting laugh. Monotonous fashion puts her to sleep. So, to avoid snoozing through her heavenly holiday, clever Charlotte packed a few extra heels – just in case.

On the balcony of her ocean-view suite, a sense of welcome relaxation and holiday spirit inspire the beautiful brunette to kick back in her embroidered wedge sandals. Here, she is finally off the grid – miles away from the charming small talk tedium of yet another champagne reception. When asked why she took this trip all alone, Charlotte tends to answer with a fetching smile and a quick “Don’t you worry – my suitcase holds at least 12 of my dearest companions”.

Charlotte lets her gaze wander across the hotel grounds – a temporary paradise that invites her to choose between beachside bliss with parasol and pompom sandals or a shaded lawn chair with ice-cold Tequila Sunrise and soft lacing sandals. Meanwhile, the crystal-clear waters of the swimming pool offset the slinky sparkle of her silver textured mules to perfection. On her way to a round of tennis, she passes the hotel’s crazy golf course, bathed in a warm light that mirrors the suede softness of Charlotte’s saffron-coloured slingback sandals.

So, just slip on your favourite heels – and then slip away with MAIgirl Charlotte to enjoy your stay with us.