Anouschka Marlene


Right now home is…


My current mood…


I’m a #MAIgirl because…

I obsessively love girly heels

I hate…

Crocs! Like seriously

This one crazy thing no one else but me can do…

binge watch several shows on Netflix within a week


Beatrice Gutu


I have absolute faith in…

the power of belief and dreams.

Shoes to me are like…

the mood setting to any outfit.

I adore…

being by the sea

My style is…

vintage, sophisticated and always with a hint masculinity.


Julia Dalia


Life’s philosophy…


Shoes to me are like…

the base of every killer outfit. They define exactly where you’re heading.

If I were a shoe I’d be…

a sneaker but on occasion a dusty pink stiletto-heeled sandal.

The real me…

Daughter of the King.



Right now home is…

Seoul for work but I can not wait spend some quality time at home in Hamburg.

Life’s philosophy…

Travel lots, journey on exciting adventures, make new memories but never forget where your heart is.

I hate…

bumping into my ex. Don’t we all?

Power is…

FEMALE. Who runs the world?


Sophia Roe

Right now home is

Where my heart is. I live in Copenhagen centre and I fall in love each time I walk through the city

If I wasn’t me I’d be

Owning a B&B with my boyfriend somewhere by the sea in Southern Europe

If I were a shoe I’d be

A kitten heel

I adore

The sea and my other half. I like being poetic and romantic

Never have I ever

Been stung by a wasp or bee

Oumayma Boumeshouli

My current mood

Like I could take on the world

My Life Philosophy

If it makes you feel good – do it!

Shoes to me are

The perfect way to express yourself. I feel that shoes say a lot about a person’s style

I’m a #MAIgirl because

I love the effortless Mai Più Senza style so, so much!

I Love to


I hate

Going to the gym

Lena Lademann


Shoes to me are

The possibility to pimp up every single look

What most people don’t know about me

I had a classical singing education and played field hockey in the national league

This one crazy thing no one else but me can do

Sounding like ‘Flippa’ the dolphin






THIS song – Pretty girls is a Motherfucker by Son of Salami


The very first thing I check out


A sophisticated mule


What you see is what you get. I don`t think there is a fake me


Right now home is


My current mood

Work, work, work, work, work, work

If I wasn’t me I’d be


If I were a shoe I’d be 

A classy stiletto sandal

I’m a #MAIgirl because

I’m madly in love with shoes

What most people don’t know about me

I almost never wear make-up

My guilty pleasure



Nicole Huisman


My current mood


I’m never, ever without

Glittery socks and a good hairbrush

I have absolute faith in

Pink – I trust that colour

If I were a shoe I’d would be

A groovy little slingback

My usual sunday

Tucking into at least two croissants whilst stuck firmly to the couch with my boyfriend and our many, many blankets.

My style is

Funky, slightly crazy, but always optimistic

Cheyenne Tulsa



If I wasn’t me I’d be

A Francis Bacon painting

If I were a shoe I’d be a

Pair of David Bowie owned platform boots

I’m a #MAIGIRL because

MAIgirls unite with others to celebrate their strengths and inspire one another

Never have I ever

Joined the Mile High Club

Power is

To be vulnerable, believing in who you are and what you do and staying true to that

At the very top of my bucket list

Learn more German! Travel more and hit the gym at least once in my lifetime

Storm Westphal

If I wasn’t me I’d be

Victoria Beckham – Stylish, a business woman and a mother – That’s girlboss goals!

If I were a shoe I’d be

An extravagant heel but also really, really comfy and cozy

I’m a #MAIgirl because

The heels complete my edgy and chic look perfectly

My style in 3 words

Minimalistic, edgy and classic

At the top of my bucket list

A Vespa tour around Rome